Code Plugs MD875 PD895


If you need help then call me.

What I am going to supply is three code plugs, starting from the one basic repeater GB7FO, first of the three code plugs.

Download “Hytera PD785 1st” G0WDA-PD-785-GB7FO_1st-18Feb2016.rcdx – Downloaded 276 times – 1 MB

Here the structure does not change but the naming convention does, but this time I have added another repeater GB7FC, this will give you a better idea of what is needed each time you need to add  a repeater.

Download “Hytera PD785 2nd” G0WDA-PD-785-GB7FO_NEW_2nd_18Feb2016.rcdx – Downloaded 256 times – 1 MB

Now this being the last, I must point out most of this work has been carried out by Paul G0HWC; So a big thank you to Paul! This version is probably 65% of UK Repeaters out there.  Every day the network is changing  so don’t blame Paul or myself for that, as I have a PD785.  I have used all of this information to learn how it is all created, Enjoy..

Download “Hytera PD785 Code Plug” PD785-25052016.rcdx – Downloaded 242 times – 1 MB