Code Pugs MD380 / M390 / M2017


If you need help then call me.

Here we have a code plug that covers the Blackpool area supplied to me with my radio from Ham Goodies, “Thanks Carlie” The code plug is a very good starting point to add to..

Download “Tytera MD380 Code Plug Blackpool” Blackpool-Area-MD380-29052016.rdt – Downloaded 289 times – 257 KB

Now this code plug is a hybrid all I have done is added GB7FC and updated a few other repeaters, but most of this work has been carried out by Paul G0HWC; So a big thank you to Paul! This version is probably 65% of UK Repeaters out there. Every day the network is changing so don’t blame Paul or myself for that, as I have a MD380. I have used all of this information to learn how it is all created, Enjoy..

Download “Tytera MD380 Code Plug” MD380-29052016.rdt – Downloaded 381 times – 257 KB

Added the new TG2351 Fusion to GB7FO

Download “MD380 Code Plug, with TG2351 Added to GB7FO” – Downloaded 104 times – 6 KB