GB7FO Talk Groups

New Talk Group on GB7FO

 We have just added a new talk group to GB7FO, for Fusion (CQ-UK) on TG2351 Slot 2

At the moment TG2351 is on all the time, not sure yet if this will be changed to USER ACTIVATED.

Please remember there are two systems that give you this function.
So Big Thanks to
M0SGS Stuart and MI5DAW Rickie Paul. M0PFX

TG260 is now available on slot 1 as a user activated group on all Phoenix UK repeaters. This will allow access to the Polish national talk group.

If you are having problems programming your MD380, PD785 or DP4600 don’t struggle send me your code plug and I will update it for you click to email


TG2351 has moved to slot 2, you will be able to listen to it
TG2351 will still be on slot 1 but as USER ACTIVAITED 02-09-2017