Software/Code Plugs

Welcome to GB7FO Blackpool

There seems to be a misunderstanding about the Phoenix and Atlas setup, you can see all repeaters here The problem is only 50 repeaters per group, so a new group was started called Atlas, and all groups can be joined, Atlas is joined to Phoenix.

As new versions of the software are released I will put a copy on GB7FO for all to access.  To change the code plug software you do not need to uninstall the driver, they are separate stand alone programs.

Now the most important part, CODE PLUGS , what ever I can find that will be of help to you I will add to the blog, Hytera MD785, PD785, MD655, Tytera MD380, Motorola PD4600, PD4601.

If you have a code plug of value to other users that is working and would like to donate it to the blog, please let me know.